D’TOZ Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Supercharger kit


D’TOZ Supercharger kit Stage.1

For Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 both BK1 and BK2 (2008 ~ 2016)

D’TOZ offers a complete bolt on Supercharger kit 

for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 380 AT/MT. 

The kit will come with a video instruction manual

and easy to do installation for skilled owner.


The supercharger kit is designed for a direct replacement

for OEM parts and requires no extra modification

and welding during your installation.

(all necessary brackets are included in the kit)


BK 1 (2008 ~ 2011) Superchaged

BK2 (2012 ~ 2016) Supercharged


The estimated installation time,

with an experienced mechanic is only around 3-4 hours!

and Horse power will be increased around 40~68%

comparing with Stock Engine.


Genesis Coupe BK 1 (2008 ~ 2011)

BK1 Automatic Stock (253whp/31.79tq)
BK1 Automatic St1 kit + Catback Exhasut (368.87whp/40.89tq)
BK1 Automatic St1.5 kit  + Catback Exhaust + Header (421.32whp/44.59tq) 
Without Forged Engine

BK2 Manual St1 kit + Catback (390.45whp/46.74tq)
BK2 Manual St1 kit + Catback (403.91whp/44.69tq)
Without Forged Engine


Stage.1 Main Components

Rotrex Supercharger C38-81
Supercharger 100mm Pulley
Supercharger Oil Cooler
Supercharger Oil SX150 1L
Supercharger Adapter Plate and Spacers

Supercharger Oil Tank and Filter
Supercharger Belt and Autotensioner Kit

Supercharger Idler Pulley Bearing
Supercharger Damper Pulley Assay

DTOZ Blow-off Valve (BOV)
DTOZ Air Filter
NGK Spark Plugs
DW 600cc Injectors (BK1 Only)
Fuel Pump Ass’y (BK1 Only)
Intercooler & Intake Pipes
DTOZ Silicone Band and Clamps
Mounting Brackets
Power Steering Oil Hose


Optional components

Aluminum washer Tank ($130)
DTOZ Oil Cooler kit ($430)
New ECU and Data (BK1 $750 / BK2 $680)
Bolt on Oil Catch Can ($120)
Air Conditioner Pipe ($35)